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We strive every day to make sure you get better and fit to get back to your normal life free from pain and suffering.

We, Med-Pro Medical Group, started our journey as a pain management and auto accident care clinic in 2002 and have been since then serving the people of South Florida. In our 21 years of service, we have developed some amazing bonds with our patients, who enjoy our therapeutic exercises, massage sessions, along with the required physical treatment, all of which have been designed to keep our patients mentally and physically healthy.

Our primary goal is always to create and develop a good and healthy patient-doctor relationship and create an environment that makes people reaching out for our services more comfortable. Med-Pro Medical Group is a team of 5 including a Medical Director, a Certified Nurse Practitioner, a Licensed Massage Therapist, an X-Ray Technician and a Patient Coordinator providing treatment to all of our patients in South Florida.

Our Mission

At Med-Pro Medical Group, our mission is to enhance and provide our patients with top tier pain management and auto accident care services focusing on their health and well-being.

Our Vision

Med-Pro Medical Group’s vision is to have a recognized position in society as a team of dedicated medical professionals and pain management service providers, all while maintaining the health and well-being of our patients as our main priority.
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