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Spinal Cord Stimulation System for Pain Relief

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Spinal Cord Stimulation: A Life-Changing Treatment for Chronic Pain

You’re in pain. It’s been with you for months, maybe years. You’ve tried every treatment out there, but nothing seems to help. You’re at your wit’s end. Med-Pro has some good news for you. Our spinal cord stimulation system is a treatment option that can provide lasting relief from your chronic pain, improving your quality of life and sleep.

Most patients who suffer from chronic pain experience interruptions to their work, exercise, movement, and other daily life activities. If not treated, it can lead to other related complications like weight gain, depression, and pain relief drug misuse. Med-Pro can help you live comfortably, free of chronic pain and related problems through spinal cord stimulation treatment.

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What Is Med-Pro’s Spinal Cord Stimulation System?

Spinal cord stimulation is a treatment that can help reduce chronic pain. It does this by sending electrical pulses to the spinal cord, which blocks or reduces the pain signals that are being sent to the brain. Med-Pro has put in place an advanced treatment facility with experienced specialists to help patients live pain-free life.

We use this treatment for patients who have chronic pain conditions, such as failed back surgery syndrome, neuropathic pain, and complex regional pain syndrome. Med-Pro has a multidisciplinary team that works together to provide our patients with spinal cord stimulation treatment. The procedure is safe and has been administered to hundreds of patients successfully. You too can live pain-free, courtesy of Med-Pro’s spinal cord stimulation systems.

What’s Entailed In Med-Pro’s Spinal Cord Stimulation Treatment?

Med-Pro has created a reliable spinal cord stimulation system for administering a lasting solution to chronic pain. Our chronic pain specialist may recommend spinal cord stimulation if other treatments haven’t worked. The treatment uses electrical impulses to interfere with pain signals traveling to the brain. We have successfully assisted many people suffering from chronic pain to obtain lasting relief.

The stimulator is implanted below the waist, near the site of your pain. Once it’s in place, the device sends electrical impulses to your spinal cord. This helps to block or reduce the pain signals that are sent to your brain. Don’t worry about how complex it may sound. We have a highly skilled multidisciplinary team of specialists using advanced medical technology to administer the treatment.

Our spinal cord stimulation systems can offer relief from chronic pain symptoms, including:

  • Pain that worsens when you’re active or resting.
  • Pain that spreads to different parts of your body.
  • Pain that is constant or comes and goes.
  • Numbness or tingling in your arms or legs.

Med-Pro’s team of specialists is always ready to deliver personalized treatment and care to ensure a quick recovery and lead a normal pain-free life. Contact us or book an appointment with our specialists today.

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Why Choose Med-Pro’s Spinal Cord Stimulation Treatment?

Med-Pro has built a state-of-the-art spinal cord stimulation system to make your treatment a success.

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Personalized treatment by skilled specialists

The key to a successful spinal cord stimulation treatment is personalized care. Med-Pro understands this better than anyone, which is why we have a perfect specialist-patient number balance. This allows each pain specialist, physician, nurse, or doctor to attend to every patient on a personalized level. This, coupled with our expertise and advanced equipment, our patients always report successful spinal cord stimulation treatment.

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A high treatment success rate

Med-Pro has invested in pain management services through a highly skilled multidisciplinary team and advanced medical equipment. We are always seeking better treatment solutions for patients to give them an improved quality of life. Our efforts have paid off handsomely as we have successfully helped hundreds of patients with chronic pain recover and lead a normal life again. You too can be part of this success story. Contact us or book a slot with one of our pain specialists today!

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We strive every day to make sure you get better and fit to get back to your normal life free from pain and suffering.


We strive every day to make sure you get better and fit to get back to your normal life free from pain and suffering.