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Med-Pro Medical Group For Immediate Release: Oct 11, 2023 Contact: Med Pro Medical Group 833-633-7760 tel 561-877-5923 fax admin@med-promedical.com email www.med-promedical.com website Boynton Beach, Oct 11, 2023—Med-Pro Medical Group is proud to announce the grand launch of their specialized pain management healthcare services aimed at restoring relief to people who struggle with various types of pain. Speaking during the launch at their Boynton Beach facility, the Group's Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Davila, expresses his profound excitement about the company’s big move. He points out that the launch is just the beginning of more cutting-edge solutions on the way to transforming and creating meaningful differences in people’s lives. “We

As per WHO, 20 to 50 million people worldwide suffer from injuries because of auto accidents. From minor injuries to disabilities, auto accidents badly affect a person’s life. You might encounter whiplash, back injuries, neck injuries, and many more. Whether or not you see visible injuries, immediately seek out a doctor for proper examination. Injury recovery after an auto accident is a slow process and often uncomfortable if associated with pain.Are you suffering from pain after an accident? Apart from painkillers and NSAIDS, you need pain management treatment after a car accident. Which clinic and treatments can help you with

Wondering how to manage pain after surgery without heavy medications? Well, you can do this with simple strategies and some proven tips. Managing pain after surgery speed up the recovery and healing process. Severe pain can create difficulty in walking and exercising. Apart from changing your personal routine, seeking out professional pain management experts can make your life easier. We will help you explore different possible options to manage pain after surgery. And when do you need a medical expert to treat pain? So, keep on reading the full guide. What Type of Pain can You Feel After Surgery? Needless to say, the

Neck pain is the most common problem experienced by a majority of adults at any time in life. About 50% of US population have been reported with chronic neck pain. The prevalence of technology in our life is the leading contributor to chronic neck pain. Hunching on mobile and laptop for hours result in poor posture and neck pain. Most often, neck pain is not of major concern and can be treated with lifestyle modifications. But there might be underlying serious health issues causing neck pain. When should you worry about neck pain? What is the best treatment for chronic neck