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Nerve Blocks: Relief from Pain and Inflammation

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Nerve Block Treatments To Help You Live Pain-Free

Med-Pro offers a nerve block treatment that is painless, non-surgical, and can take care of the most painful conditions. Nerve block treatment is a delicate yet simple procedure that uses a fluoroscope, CT scan or ultrasound along with needles.

This ensures successful pain relief without any need for surgery. Med-Pro’s trained specialists offer nerve block treatment for patients who suffer from back pain, migraines, neck pain, and more. The procedure is performed with utmost care to ensure the safety of patients.

Med-Pro’s 7+ years of experience in nerve block has assisted many people to revert to their daily lives without pain or discomfort.

What Is Involved In Nerve Block? What Makes It Effective Pain Relief?

A nerve block is a procedure used to block pain signals from a specific area of the body. It is a medication injection to the nerve, used to provide relief from pain. A nerve block is ideal for managing pain after surgery, an injury or to treat chronic pain.

When you visit Med-Pro, our specialists will assess you and ascertain if you’re fit to receive the nerve blocks treatment. Our specialists will assess your condition to determine whether the pain requires surgical or non-surgical nerve blocks.

Here are the different types of non-surgical nerve blocks treatment that our specialists may recommend:

  • Peripheral nerve blockade – our specialists will administer medication in a particular nerve to inhibit pain.
  • Spinal anesthesia – this nerve blockade involves injecting medication into the spinal cord fluid.
  • Epidural Anesthesia – in this process, our specialists will inject medicine into the area surrounding the spinal cord.  

We offer a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for various types of pain management – from post-operative pain relief to relief for chronic back and neck pain. By using needles in conjunction with fluoroscope, CT scan, or ultrasound, we can offer successful nerve blocks treatment.

What Makes Med-Pro’s Nerve Block Effective?

Nerve blocks are one of the most commonly used pain relief treatments out there. Millions of people rely on them to manage everything from chronic pain to post-surgical pain. Med-Pro has made its nerve block treatment more effective by following a more personalized approach.

We understand that everyone is different and therefore administer nerve block treatment differently to different patients. The treatment process varies depending on the location and severity of the pain. Our pain relief specialists will do a thorough assessment to understand your conditions and the most suitable nerve block for you.

If you’re struggling with unmanageable pain, reach out to our specialists to talk about whether nerve blocks could be a good option for you.

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Experience Med-Pro’s Nerve Block Treatment Advantage

You deserve to live life to the fullest and we're here to make sure you do just that!

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Specialized care for quicker recovery

We offer specialized nerve block treatment to ensure that you can live comfortably without pain. Our holistic approach takes into account all the factors that can affect your recovery, from your emotional state to any hidden injuries.

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Expert care from specialists

Our team of specialists have years of experience in helping people recover from excruciating pain. We understand the complex nature of the human body’s nervous system and the delicate balancing act needed to ensure a quick and painless recovery.

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Get back to your life quickly

We want you to get back to your life as quickly as possible. That's why we offer a range of nerve block treatments to help you fight different types of pain. From our team of specialists to our multi-disciplinary approach, we have everything you need for a quick and painless recovery.

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We strive every day to make sure you get better and fit to get back to your normal life free from pain and suffering.


We strive every day to make sure you get better and fit to get back to your normal life free from pain and suffering.