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Facet Injection: Relief for Spinal Pain

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Facet Injection – A Highly Effective Treatment For Back Pain

Facet injection is a treatment for chronic neck and back pain. Med-Pro offers this injection therapy to help patients with chronic pain in their neck and back. Our orthopedic specialists accurately inject a local anesthetic into the patient’s facet joints lying between the spine bones. Med-Pro’s facet joint treatment eases back pain, minimizes inflammation, and can help you move and function normally again.

The facet joints are the junctions between two vertebrae in the spine. Facet injections are used to treat pain from these joints. The procedure involves injecting an anesthetic or steroid into the joint to reduce swelling and inflammation.

What Makes Our Facet Injection Highly Successful?

Back pain is not only excruciating, but it can incapacitate your movement, work, exercise, and comfortable lifestyle. Med-Pro has put the right investments into our facet injection treatment to help lead a normal life again.

We have a highly experienced team of multidisciplinary specialists consisting of spinal consultants, neurologists, radiologists, pain management specialists, and therapists. This makes us highly equipped to tackle even the most stubborn back pain problems.

If you’re no longer living life to the fullest due to back pain, Med-Pro can restore your happiness by alleviating the pain with facet injection treatment. We offer specialized treatment in a calm and accommodating environment, conducted by highly experienced multi-disciplinary specialists.

Why Choose Med-Pro For Your Facet Joint Treatment?

The team at Med-Pro comprises multidisciplinary specialists who work together to determine the most appropriate pain management treatment. Face injection is not a new type of treatment to Med-Pro. We have been offering this treatment to many patients, who have reverted to their normal daily lives without pain.  This treatment has been gaining more popularity recently because it is minimally invasive and can be performed in-office.

Med-Pro is dedicated to ensuring that everyone leads their normal lifestyles without pain. This is why you need to work with us to alleviate your back pain problem:

  • Multidisciplinary treatment approach – we work as a team comprised of specialists in different areas.
  • Highly experienced specialists – our therapists, physicians, nurses, and treatment support specialists are experienced with years of practice in pain management.
  • Advanced fluoroscopy equipment – we rely on advanced imaging technology to accurately identify joints to be injected.
  • Personalized treatment approach – every patient is given unique care, right from the start of the treatment to ensure their unique conditions are considered during treatment.

Med-Pro is continuously improving its resources to help patients with even more complex back pain problems live comfortably again. Contact us or book an appointment today to start your journey to a pain-free lifestyle.

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Experience Med-Pro’s Personalized Facet Injection Treatment

We offer personalized facet injection treatment aimed at administering lasting back pain relief.

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Holistic Treatment By Expert Teams

Med-Pro works as a team of multidisciplinary experts using state-of-art resources geared towards offering lasting relief to chronic back pain. Rest assured that you will be attended to by experienced specialists using advanced treatment technology and professional advice. We deliver holistic personalized treatment encompassing everything to help you recover faster and live comfortably without back pain.

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Personalized treatment, always

At Med-Pro, we have made it a routine to offer exceptional care and treatment. Each specialist, clinician, nurse, and doctor attends to fewer patients at a time so they can focus on each patient to the fullest. Our care specialists will always be with you to offer tailored treatment all the way. With this peace of mind and our advanced treatment, you’re sure to recover quickly and for good.

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We strive every day to make sure you get better and fit to get back to your normal life free from pain and suffering.


We strive every day to make sure you get better and fit to get back to your normal life free from pain and suffering.